Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Typhoon Morakot is here...

Last night while talking with my neighbor I found out that we are in TCCOR 3. For those of you unaware of what TCCOR 3 means, it is a typhoon condition. We are always in TCCOR 4 once typhoon season starts which means that anytime after we hit TCCOR 4 we can have a typhoon so basically just letting you know to be somewhat prepared because it can hit pretty fast. Then TCCOR 3 basically means there is one heading our way and in 24 to 48 hours it is supposed to hit so they want us to secure all our outdoor things and get last minute shopping and things taken care of. I checked the wunderground website which is where we can get info about the typhoon coming and it is supposed to hit tomorrow afternoon around 3pm and it will be at Cat2 which is no more then the tornados that I am used to since I am from Oklahoma. They say winds of 96 to 110 mph are expected. This really sucks since my husband is gone. I have to go out on our patio and move inside the patio stuff and take down the kiddie pool which would be his job if he were home. I also have to go to the commissary (grocery) and pick up a few last minute things and last I heard the line was wrapped around the store once so that is not going to be a fun trip. I dread this...I hate typhoon season. I do not mind the storms but I do not want to deal with the crowds and the preparing. My plan for today was to relax at home with my daughter, work a little and then talk to my husband in Iraq...so much for those plans! I will still get to talk to my husband later but I will not get to relax at home like I wanted to. Also let me complain a little more...lol! My AC went out last night which is a base housing problem but I cannot get them to come out until after the typhoon so needless to say I am HOT!!! Its 77 degress in my house. I wish my husband was here because he could maybe figure out the problem but its just me and the baby and neither of us have any idea how to fix an AC lol. Well I better go get ready so I can get to the commissary right when they open! I will post another blog soon if I do not lose power from the typhoon. Thanks for listening to me rant! Oh and if I can get some pictures when the typhoon hits then I will post them after ;)

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